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In this article, we will talk about how you can increase your height by eating few simple foods. Before I start and make you aware about those foods, I will like to mention here that these discoveries which have been made under orthomolecular nutrition. These food are totally naturals and have no side effects if taken in proper quantity.

These foods have to be eaten in a specific manner, in a specific quantity and in a specific time. Starting with a first food it is extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is essential for human bones to grow. It nourishes the joints and it has EFAs (Essentials Fatty Acid) which human body requires. The quantity to be taken of extra virgin olive oil is 1 tsp in 24 hrs. This has to be eaten raw. So, you can either apply on your food or simply put it on the salad directly from the can/bottle. It has to be done once a day, so you can select any meal time that is either lunch or dinner.

The second food which can be good for the increase of your height will be carrot. You have to take minimum 3 carrots in a day to get good growth of your body. To get the best from the carrot in terms of increase in height, take these before your meal that is when your stomach is empty. So here is what I suggest, take 3 carrots grate them or cut them in thin slices, put some lemon juice on it, make it as a salad. This is to remind you that do not add salt in it. Take this nice little salad before your meal and then you can have your lunch/dinner.

The super food will definitely give increase in your height is almonds. But do keep in mind that not all almonds are good for increase in height. Of course they have their own benefits, but for best type of almond in getting taller is ‘MAMRA ALMONDS’ and you need to have 10 almonds, soak them overnight and eat them in the morning with the empty stomach. After taking these almonds you need to have a break of eating anything for next two hours. It will give your body an opportunity to absorb the nutrients of the almonds and to extract the best of it. So you can have almonds at about 6:30AM and then can have breakfast at 8:30AM.

So take these three foods regularly in the specific manner as mentioned above and you will surely get increase in height in next few months. Also you can follow the diet chart mentioned in grow taller 4 idiots along with these super foods to extend the benefits.

Before I wrap up this article, you need to know there are certain foods that need to avoid to get the best benefits. You need to avoid all foods made from refined flour which rules out sandwiches, breads, cakes, pastries, biscuits, noodles and macaroni. You also have to avoid refined sugar. Here I am not asking you to avoid sweet. You can have sweet. You can eat fruit, dry fruit and honey. However it is the refined sugar or a refined crystal that is to be avoided.

You also need to avoid foods that have refined sugar and those include cold drinks and biscuits. These two foods neutralize the effect of three super foods. They will full your stomach and not allowing your body to get absorbs the nutrients which require pushing bone growth and increasing your height.

So avoid these two foods refined white flour and refined white sugar, take these three super foods and you are certain to get some excellent results to increasing your height within few months. That’s what it called making magic from nutrition. Cheers…

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