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Yoga is the safest and natural solution to all your growth related questions! Surprised? Once if you understand the bridge between Height and Posture then Yoga and Posture; you will then quickly understand how yoga is immensely helpful in growing taller. Yoga is in fact the best, powerful and the fastest natural technique to grow taller. In order to understand the connection between height and the correct posture, just go through our detailed article ‘How to Grow Taller by Improving Your Posture?’, and get to know how the correct posture promotes 2-3 inches height boost immediately. (more…)

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Most of the people with shorter height are humiliated in the different phases of their life, sometimes in the school, in work and some times in their relationships. They always wish if they could add few more inches in their height.There is a myth that the human can’t improve their height after the puberty, which is totally incorrect. I know it is a bit difficult, but with your determination and proper guidance you can always add 4 to 5 inches until the age of 50 to 55 years. So, read this article till end and you will be able to…