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Most of the people with shorter height are humiliated in the different phases of their life, sometimes in the school, in work and some times in their relationships. They always wish if they could add few more inches in their height.

There is a myth that the human can’t improve their height after the puberty, which is totally incorrect. I know it is a bit difficult, but with your determination and proper guidance you can always add 4 to 5 inches until the age of 50 to 55 years. So, read this article till end and you will be able to answer to those people who told you that height can’t be increase after the puberty. So, make few positive changes in you to keep yourself going for grow taller.good-postureThe basic element for the growth of your height is your posture. Bad posture not only hinders your growth but will cause you severe pain in your back. There are millions of people who are suffering from severe back pain which is occurring due to bad posture.

Spine is the main for your posture. A perfect human spine is shaped as English alphabet ‘S’. Due to its shape, we are able to move right to left or vice versa, we can bend forward or backward. The bones in the spine are called vertebrae. Brain passes signals to the lower body through these vertebrae. The presence of cartilage allows vertebrae to get the flexibility to get the movement sideways or forward/backward.

If you are having a bad posture, the cartilage can get weaken over the time. This deterioration in cartilage can disturb your growth. So, you need to have a good posture in terms of getting a good height.

Adopt a good exercise routine mentioned in grow taller 4 idiots to improve your posture and stick to that routine. Stretches are the best workout for your posture. The most effective stretches for good spine are cobra, basic leg stretch, push-ups and the bridge. These stretches not only improve your posture but also help you in getting taller.

Now, if you are having a bad posture and you want to improve it. It can be the hardest thing for you to do. Sure, you can keep in mind to have a nice posture from time to time, but to keep it good all the day long is always tricky. Following tricks can help you to keep a good posture in pretty much easier way.

  1. It’s always difficult to pay attention to your posture all the time. You can place notes where ever you go constantly in your office, home, in your pocket, on your desk, on your refrigerator and even on your mirror. Keep asking your family, friends and even your co-worker, to remind you when you are not keeping your posture right. Try this and trust me you will feel this trick is so powerful. It will become very easy for you because people who care you are always paying attention to your posture for your health reasons.
  2. Learn some basic yoga exercises to improve your posture. Yoga will make your core muscles strong and eventually it will be easier and enjoyable to see your improvement in terms of good posture.
  3. Make a habit of standing rather sitting. Because it is quite difficult to keep a good posture while sitting rather than standing. You can look very much self conscious if you are keeping your back straight at the time of sitting. Imagine, if you are traveling through a train then sitting with straight back make you look awkward but if you are standing you will look as normal. So, if you are sitting in train then trying to avoid embarrassment, you can compromise with your posture.

The above tricks can be a bit difficult in the beginning. Don’t feel bad if you are not been able to do it initially, but keep trying and doing this again and again, you will be able to do finally. Keep motivating yourself that good posture is most important for your overall growth as well as for your good health.
Shorter height can shatter your confidence. Good height is a part of good personality. Sure, it’s just a part, other things like your humor, your knowledge; your positivity etc plays equally for your personality. But if you allow the lack of confidence, due to your shorter height, come to you it can also distract your behavior. You can find it difficult to get your confidence going and impress your mate. Make a self commitment and take few practical steps to overcome this social injustice.

Don’t get desperate to improve your height. Keep calm, take your time and get the right decision. There are several products available online as well as offline for the increase in height. Inappropriate product not only will take your hard earned money but also spoil your time and confidence.

Besides getting taller there are quite a few tricks which can feel you taller. Make few but simple changes in your lifestyle and you can actually make you feel taller in few minutes and get back your confidence.

  1. Be careful before choosing your cloths or outfits. Wear dark color trouser with light shirt or vice versa to look more attractive. People will pay your more attention. Wear a good fitting trouser can make you look taller and in loose & wrong sized trouser you legs can look short, which can give you a shorter look. Make a habit of paying good attention to the clothes you are wearing everyday and only wear those outfits that suits you.
  2. Wearing high heels can make you feel taller. Get some high heels from the store but keep in mind it should also be comfortable otherwise it can influence you to bad posture.
  3. Long hair make you look short and short hair is an easy way for you to look taller. Short hair gives a space between head and your neck which can make you look taller.
  4. The last but most important is your posture. If a shorter person has bad posture, with chin & shoulders down, can make him look even shorter. Keeping your spine straight, chin & shoulders up not only give you few inches instantly but also make your body a basic preparation for getting taller.

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