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In this article, I will explain how Drinking water and eating carbs is important for the growth of your body. No matter if you are getting professional training for competitive sports or working out for better physique or getting particular exercise routines for growing taller, what you eat or drink is as equally important as getting your training done. Here, it does not mean that you can get your overall growth just by changing your eating and drinking habits, but it will enhance your performance in achieving your desired goal for getting taller.

When you do exercises, stretches or workouts, your body loses fluids as sweat and when you breathe heavily at that time you also blow out so much moisture. As a result you need more water to keep you hydrated and to replace the fluids that exhaust.

Woman Drinking Glass of WaterYou are required to drink lots of water but do not over drink. A person with having weight of 154-pounds (70kg) can lose 3 pounds (8-Ounce glass of water) of fluids in just one hour. If you are doing intense workout then you need even more fluids. In warm weather, it is more important to keep you hydrated to enhance the results of your workout. Dehydration can reduce your body strength and workout stamina. More loss of fluids can leads to overheating of body which can lead to cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

You should take bath after your workout or routine exercises. Your body generates a lot of heat during workout and a good bath with cold water will help you cool your body and blood.

Water is not the thing which you can always get easily. So, keep your water bottle with you, specially if you have lesser availability of drinking water. Taking water after your workout helps you to recover physically as well as mentally.

Drink in frequent intervals even if you don’t feel thirsty. Learn in grow taller 4 idiots how much water you need in various climates and in several age groups. If you are exercising for growing taller, your brain may not send signals. As feeling thirsty is a sign of dehydration. You need to drink liquids before that happens.

Track you weight before and after your workout. Take 3 cups of water for each pound you lose for bring back the fluid balance in your body. Drink more in frequent intervals while doing your grow taller workouts. If you weight is more after workout then you might have drunk too muck of water. Take a little less next way. By this way, you will eventually get to know your drinking need and then will be easy to maintain balance.

Keep drinking fluids at all the time during whole day not just after workout. To check how much fluid you need to take, check the color of your urine. If you are dehydrated, then you will have dark-colored urine. You need to take more fluids until the color of your urine is pale or colorless.

The next important factor is the selection of the drink. You can take water, fresh fruit juices, Sports drink or any other beverages. Normally, fresh clean drinking water is good choice for growing taller.

You can take cold water, don’t worry, it wont give you stomach cramp. The main reason for stomach cramp is dehydration and if you keep taking drinks in regular intervals then you can never be dehydration.

Now, if you are exercising for more than an hour then you should take sports drink. Alcoholic drinks can distract your performance and you should avoid those drinks. If you are not able to avoid for longer time then you should avoid till you are doing growing taller exercises to get the best results.

You need more energy to meet the energy needs for your physical activities. The energy or calories you should take is depends upon individual to individual. If you are a 90 pound gymnast then your calories need should be different from a body builder of 200pounds. Average calories consumption should be 5 to 7 grams of carbohydrates a day for each kilogram.

Your body gets energy from the Glycogen. Glycogen is another form of carbohydrates which your body has stored. With consistent training, a good food which includes carbohydrates can give you very good results. In the digestion process, carbohydrates convert in blood sugar or glucose and further with the blood circulation this blood sugar will be used as main fuel and converted into energy. The excess glucose is gathered as liver glycogen. You will have as much power for your physical activities or workouts as your body has stored the glycogen.

You need to take sufficient carbohydrates each day so that your liver can store enough glycogen. You need a lot of energy at the time of stretches and workout. Cereals, rice, pastas and breads are the rich source of carbohydrates. In addition you can take sugar from fruits & fruit juices, cakes, candies and from soft drinks. Keep the above foods in your diet plan and you will get the competitive edge in the results while doing grow taller routine exercises.

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